Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Role of the Estate Planning Attorney

When people want to set up a plan as to what they would like to pass on to their heirs, and their assets are substantial, they will usually hire an Austin employment attorney to help them set things up in the right manner.

An up-to-date will is one of the first items to be considered, as the will serves as the instructions to the probate court as to what and how things are to be distributed to whom. 

Once the will is witnessed and every one signs it, it can be recorded with the local court and it will stand, unless it is changed by the estate owner.

If an estate planning attorney is very large, it is even more important to hire a good attorney who really knows what he is doing. Taxes and expenses can really eat up and estate in a hurry if proper planning is not carried out before a person passes away.

Federal Estate Taxes do not play a part in the discussion, unless the estate is over $10 million, but the different states may have their own estate taxes, and many do.  The attorney can help in keeping these taxes and expenses down, so that the property can pass with as little bother and expense a possible.

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